Hi, We’re SapientRazorfish.

16,000 Handshakes

We are a company of dreamers and doers, artists and strategists, creatives and consultants. We blend the practical experience of yesterday, with a keen awareness of today and the technological capabilities of tomorrow. We don’t just challenge our people to change the world — we expect them to.  

That’s culture_reimagined.

Inclusive at Our Core

At SapientRazorfish, diversity isn’t something we talk about — it’s who we are. As part of our culture, we challenge each and every member of our organization to help us create a community that fosters inclusiveness, openness and understanding. We celebrate each of our 16,000 employees, weaving together their individual pasts to create our collective future. Because it is through our differences of experience that we have an opportunity to make our work better and our lives richer.

That’s diversity_reimagined.


The WLN is a dynamic network that fosters enriching programming and a critical dialogue around gender diversity that’s reflective of our core values. Open to men and women across our global offices, the WLN actively engages our people in learning and networking events focused on career development, ongoing discussion forums and a companywide conversation that celebrates diverse perspectives and leadership styles.


Potential Realized in Diverse Experiences, or PRIDE for short, is our network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight ally SapientRazorfish people. It’s a grassroots, all-inclusive network spanning our global community with a focus on advocacy and education. Each year the PRIDE group spreads awareness for issues facing the LGBTQ community internally and externally through fundraisers, lunch and learn sessions, offsite events and more.


Hue is the affinity group for Black employees and allies. It exists to support the unique issues and challenges facing our Black team members and to foster a more informed and inclusive global community where Black employees can live and work authentically. The group focuses on career advancement and professional development, mentoring, retention, the recruitment of diverse talent and bridging the gap between minorities in the business, creative, and technology disciplines, and building diverse teams that accurately reflect the brands and communities we serve.

Caregivers Connect

This group is a supportive community for all Publicis.Sapient people who care for others such as relatives, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and kids — some with disabilities and special needs. Our mission is to connect people who share similar experiences as caregivers to learn, support, and celebrate together.

In our own words...

Raymond Chin

“Over here, creativity takes many forms, springing from a potent mix of storytelling and technology. It is a place where the work comes first, with a bunch of nice and smart people I really enjoy collaborating with.”

-Raymond Chin


Maia Capello

“You control your own destiny here. Every person here gets what they put in. Initiative is met with opportunity, all it takes is a hand raise… and some passion.”

- Maia Capello


Omar Fajardo

“The most surprising thing about SapientRazorfish is how diverse it is. I’ve worked at an agency before and I’ve learned that changing the game can come in so many shapes and sizes. The smallest change can make the biggest impact and believing that it can is what empowers me to tell more compelling and robust stories.”

-Omar Fajardo


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5 Continents.
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