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Searching for a Long-Term Impact?

You may not want a permanent job, but you can still find meaningful work — right here. At SapientRazorfish, we're on a mission to help companies transform their brands and their organizations.

We do this by bringing diverse perspectives, skills and backgrounds together to solve for a challenge, not a brief.

Returning Well-Rounded

Looking Beyond the Résumé

At SapientRazorfish, we understand that there’s more to life than what’s captured on a résumé. As champions of diversity, we launched our Career Return program, a 12-week paid program for talented professionals looking to refresh their careers and re-enter the workforce. During our evaluation process, we look beyond the traditional career milestones and focus on the individual, considering how each person’s unique life experience and personal story has prepared him or her to face the challenges of today’s working world and make a positive impact.

Because at SapientRazorfish, we see beyond résumés.


We don’t currently have any openings for the Career Return program, but please check back for updates.

Meet Our Returning Professionals

Becky Mohr

“Why I pressed pause: After the birth of my second child, I decided to take a leave of absence.

What I gained: True clarity and focus. The ability to let go of the smaller things and make a true impact without worrying what others think. Awareness of my limitations and not living with fear I won’t get something done. Being able to cut through the clutter, strategize and prioritize with confidence. Most importantly, the ability to manage expectations — which has made me a better mom and employee.”

-Becky Mohr


Ellen Kalis

“Why I pressed pause: To give myself the time, flexibility and emotional headspace to be the primary caregiver for my son after he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

What I gained: Even though most of my time was spent focusing on my son, I also had some personal growth and development that I don't think I ever would have done if I hadn't taken that time off. I want to make sure I don't get too wrapped up in the business of being a working mom and not continue to prioritize my personal growth, because it makes me a better mom and employee to have those pieces as well. My time away has made me realize you've got to find the opportunity that exists around you and continue to explore that. It's a journey.”

-Ellen Kalis



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