B2B in the Digital Age

Part 1 – The Impact of Millennials on B2B Commerce
The Future of B2B Commerce

As the economy becomes more connected, new opportunities to disrupt tradition emerge with greater frequency. Nowhere is this more evident than in B2B commerce, where manufacturers continue to bypass channel partners to sell direct, only to find a growing number of their partners assuming the role of private label manufacturer. Amazon and other mega-distributors are also challenging the economics and traditions of omni-channel procurement as a new generation takes the helm.

In this piece from SapientRazorfish, we examine the various changes and disruptions that are impacting B2B sellers, advising how they should:

  •  Recognize the Empowered B2B Buyer

  •  Up Their Strategic Game

  •  Compete with a Value Framework Designed for the Digital Age

  •  Acknowledge a New Generation of Buyer

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