Leaders Reveal the
Impact of Digital on Transformation


82% of executives polled say it is at least somewhat likely that a digital disruptor will lead their industry within five years.

According to research Publicis.Sapient conducted in partnership with FORTUNE Knowledge Group, digitally mature organizations understand that digital transformation is now a necessity for survival.

The study assessed the degree of transformation and the digital maturity of 500 leading global organizations across six key areas of transformation. One takeaway was clear: in terms of operations, structure, technological capabilities, and vision, those who take a holistic view of digital transformation are more equipped to compete — today and tomorrow — than their less-advanced counterparts.

Discover the seven key findings of how digital is creating impact for executives and their organizations.  Plus, we developed six strategic recommendations for businesses who wish to begin their paths to digital transformation.

Read on for these tips, as well as detailed findings and statistics

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