New Rules of Engagement

In the Age of Voice-Powered Ecosystems
Data & Artificial Intelligence

New Rules of Engagement in the Age of Voice-Powered Ecosystems

Although artificial intelligence may not (yet) be the robot-powered world depicted in science fiction, it is now part of our everyday lives — from personalization and automation to voice-activated interfaces everywhere. 

Add in climbing consumer expectations around access, ease of use, and frictionless brand consistency, and CPG companies are now on the hook for fundamental changes across their value chain that can only be solved with AI.

“It’s probably hard to overstate how big of an impact (AI) is going to have on society over the next 20 years.”


There’s no shortage of competitors using the technology, from established market leaders to fast-moving category upstarts and platform-enabled tech giants. Likewise, there are plenty of platform and partnership options for getting started.

So how do CPG firms sift through the many offerings, opportunities, and expectations to get to the right AI approach for their brand? What are the rules of engagement? How must they evolve?

Read the full article to learn:

  • The key elements of this new landscape
  • Concrete examples of how new leaders are driving change
  • The evolution of shopping UI
  • The role that voice-activated interfaces and automation are playing in shaping consumer behaviors and expectations
  • How CPG companies, in particular, can leverage these trends to realize future value
  • The five new rules for the consumer market in the age of AI

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