Accelerate Your Transformation to Digital Business 2.0

New business opportunities explode as buyers reveal how and where they use products and services.
Digital Business Strategy

With all kinds of new data at their fingertips—from sensors and location services to health and activity monitors—executives are using newfound visibility into how products are consumed, and the context in which they are being used, in order to transform business models and innovate value propositions.

We call it Digital Business 2.0, and it's a must for businesses looking  to expand their value propositions for the 21st century.

In this paper, we explore the examples and opportunities for businesses moving into this new era, and make five key recommendations for how to get started in Digital Business 2.0:

  1. Create a process to prioritize digital business investments
  2. Commit to speed and agility, but recognize the difference
  3. Conduct small experiments
  4. Get inspiration from leaders outside your sector
  5. Identify talent gaps

Read on to learn more about how consumption data from connected, digital ecosystems is transforming many businesses from product providers to trusted advisors.

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