Reimagining Small Business Insurance

How AI Can Help Transform Underwriting & Distribution
Financial Services

Small business insurance has its share of challenges, from the highly nuanced data to the vastly underinsured population. Today, with fewer agents to perform the manual tasks required to serve this market, it's become increasingly difficult to serve this market.

It doesn't have to go on this way. In our new paper, we explore how small business insurance providers can leverage digital technology to increase efficiency, reduce the cost to serve, and grow their businesses through a widening market and stronger customer relationships.

Read on for key ways to automate tasks in underwriting and distribution in order to capture the opportunities of the small business market, as well as insights on:

  • Why small businesses are so often underinsured
  • How tomorrow’s data model addresses today’s pain points
  • What is non-traditional data, and who’s providing it?
  • The value of automating agent tasks 
  • B2B insurance distribution myths vs. reality

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