Tesla’s Counterintuitive Approach to Marketing & Sales

Why the innovative automaker believes the product is the marketer and customers are the salespeople.
Marketing Modernization

When it comes to sales and marketing, Tesla breaks all the traditional rules. Despite a lean marketing team of fewer than ten people, its Model S (introduced in 2012) consistently outsells competitors in its class from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Lexus.

  • While some automotive brands spend over $2,000 per vehicle on advertising, Tesla spends a whopping zero. That’s right, Tesla allocates zero dollars per car to advertising.
  • Go to YouTube and you’ll certainly see plenty of Tesla ads. But they aren’t created by its marketing team, rather by its enthusiastic advocates.

Though Tesla may always be in a class of its own, there's much that marketers can learn from its success. In this paper, we glean important lessons from Tesla’s strategy where the product is the marketing and customers are the salespeople. Read on to see how you can increase marketing and sales effectiveness through product innovation and by empowering your customer base.

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