#RealMoms Challenge “Good Mom” Stereotypes

Baby Dove

Moms Dispel the “Perfect” and “One-Dimensional” Myths of Motherhood

To launch Dove’s new baby skin care line, Baby Dove, the brand needed an introduction to the U.S. market that would immediately differentiate it from competitors and resonate with first-time moms in a way no other baby brand had before. To do this, we leaned on the brand’s heritage of amplifying the voices of real women to challenge societal stereotypes — this time, with new moms. What emerged was a powerful and authentic portrayal of how moms today are tuning out the judgments and redefining their roles as mothers and women, for themselves.

A #RealMom dances with her child.

Our Approach 

Using a radical, customer-centric framework, we did something no baby brand had tried. We put the message in the hands of real moms. Our key learning told us this audience didn’t want to be defined simply by their roles as mothers. In fact, in an independent study, we found that...

86 percent of moms believe that the stereotype of the “perfect mom” who always puts her baby first and herself second creates an unrealistic, outdated standard to live up to.

So we asked them, how do you define a #RealMom?


The Challenge

To launch Baby Dove as a serious player in a highly competitive baby care category — in a way that would break through the clutter and turn new moms into authentic ambassadors for the brand.


The Solution

We partnered with real moms across the country to create a short documentary, as well as a robust program to shatter motherhood stereotypes across social media, mommy groups, pop culture, films and media. By digitally empowering real moms everywhere, we altered the conversation, showing how a new generation of women are trusting their own parenting approaches and choices. Baby Dove set a new standard in customer-centricity by representing moms in an authentic way. In the end, we learned that when a baby brand is brave enough to put the message in the hands of real moms, stereotypes can be shattered to change how the world views the modern mother.


The campaign resonated across the U.S. and globally with real moms who applauded Baby Dove on social media for representing real moms and their diverse, multifaceted parenting styles.

Within three days, over 40 national and global press outlets praised the story as refreshing and innovative. Over 20 additional LGBTQ outlets picked up the campaign and commended Dove for its inclusivity. In the initial 60 days, the campaign generated 150,000 YouTube long-form views and 1.5 million short-form views.

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