A Customer-Centric Mindset Reimagines What it Means to be Connected


A Customer-Centric Vision Drives a Global Leader

Bosch is recognized as a global engineering and electronics leader producing a vast range of automotive, industrial and building products. But what many people don’t realize is that Bosch is also becoming a leader in connecting customers to the Internet of Things (IoT). As its global digital lead agency, we used our radically customer-centric mindset to reimagine its corporate website. 

Our Approach

By collaborating with key stakeholders, we helped craft a new digital brand identity, supported by fresh content and an experience that blends design and art with innovative front-end development. We then designed, tested and implemented a fully responsive site featuring stories that put Bosch solutions into customer context. The result shows how the company constantly "Invents For Life” now, with its growing IoT expertise.

Bosch Global Corporate Website Relaunch

Our goal in all of this was to create a new global touchpoint for the brand that was intuitive, engaging and set up to amplify the company’s reach and reputation beyond the usual Bosch channels. Not only did we succeed in launching the right site for such a visionary brand, our partnership with Bosch helped bring some new visions to life: Our work on the Bosch Sensorchestra, which featured an orchestra of connected Bosch products playing a song, drove a significant increase in brand awareness and consumer engagement.

Bosch Global Corporate Website Relaunch


For the site:

  • Monthly visits after re-launch are up 35 percent
  • Mobile usage up 304 percent
  • Average time spent on site up 24 percent since re-launch


  • In total over 7.9 million views on YouTube
  • 10.3 million engagements with target group
  • Voted one of Top 10 Digital Innovations by CampaignLive magazine in 2016

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