Palazzo del Sol Experience

Fisher Island

A Customer-Centric, Multi-Touch Sales Approach for Ultra-Premium Miami Real Estate

Just off the coast of Miami lies Fisher Island, a 216-acre community and the former winter estate of William Vanderbilt, offering a unique sanctuary for its elite residences. We helped the developers of Palazzo del Sol, one of the island’s newest, most exclusive residences, close sales before its building was even completed — with a radical customer-centric digital sales experience that satisfied the world’s most wealthy, discriminating buyer.

The Approach

The SapientRazorfish team worked with the client to envision a modern, digital experience that would integrate the magic of Palazzo del Sol with a seamless sales process that would blend digital and physical worlds.

The Challenge

The team was challenged to showcase the height of international luxury before the building was even complete — with a process that would satisfy the most discriminating buyer.

Fisher Island Website

The Solution

The exclusive experience began with an invitation-only website to let prospects experience both the island and the building’s future views, shot by octocopter (an oversized drone you sit in). A unique implementation of Google Street View let buyers explore the island via helicopter, golf cart and yacht.

Fisher Island Immersion Room

Once buyers were on-site, a blended digital-physical environment, known as the Immersion Room, engulfed them in the Palazzo del Sol experience with an interactive, multi-touch table to deliver a “workshop” experience for sales agents and their clients. Ultra-high-definition video walls brought floor plans, island photography and designer renderings to life in gorgeous fidelity. Gesture control let buyers throw life-size images from the workshop table onto the surrounding walls. Thanks to drone videography, buyers imagined views from balconies that had yet to be built. The Immersion Room created a custom environment and an experience as exclusive as Fisher Island itself.



For today’s multimillionaire, a radically customer-centric approach is non-negotiable. And that’s what this is all about — designing an experience as exclusive as Fisher Island itself.

In just three months, Fisher Island sold over 50 percent of the building — a high mark for an ultra-premium piece of real estate.  One billionaire prospect swiped onto screens to compare three properties — then bought all of them on the spot.

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