Experience Transformation with the Miami Heat

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat Offers a Fan Experience Unlike Any Other in Its League

For a long time, the Miami Heat barely knew anything about its individual fans beyond the seats they were sitting in. Today, the Heat has a 360-degree view of each and every fan, engaging them in a highly tuned personal experience filled with just the right content and recommendations.

Our Approach

The SapientRazorfish team, working with client marketers, envisioned an approach that would transform the Heat’s business by transforming its fan experience.

The Challenge

The team was challenged with re-engineering and personalizing the fan experience with a model that would help the client learn more about its fans each and every time they engaged. 

The Miami Heat App

The Solution

Instead of using paper tickets, fans now enter with digital scanners, helping marketers learn about their fans’ arrival channels. Instead of carrying cash, fans buy food and souvenirs with a custom e-wallet, helping the marketing team generate insights from its fans’ purchase habits. Instead of seeing the same content as everyone else, fans now self-select their fan type, letting marketers serve more targeted content, which helps them sustain year-round engagement. And because the platform recognizes, in real time, where a fan is and whether or not a game is underway, each fan enjoys a truly personalized experience for the first time.

The Miami Heat App
The Miami Heat Crowd


In the first two months after launch, average time spent on the site more than doubled, growing to 5 minutes, 40 seconds. During the same time, fans watched over 120,000 videos, hit the share button over 29,000 times and bought over 43,000 tickets. The Heat now makes more mobile revenue than every other team in its league combined. Better functionality, better experience and better data have yielded better business, all in support of a fan experience unlike any other. 

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