Music Defines Us. Spotify Singles Proved It.


You Can’t Relax When You’re Number One

They’re the top streaming service in the world, with more than 100 million users speaking more than 50 languages. But with well-funded competition encroaching on their space, Spotify needed to protect their loyal subscribers and find a way to stand apart from both the upstarts and the heavy players looking to break in.

Through Spotify Singles, SapientRazorfish helped the brand to show just how in tune Spotify is with the fans tuning in.

The program combined an abundance of data with deep insights to reveal how personal music is to each of us. We launched several experiments that invited listeners to discover the connections among the tracks they listen to and to the rest of Spotify’s vast music library. These efforts reinforced the idea that Spotify was more than just another way to stream music — it is an essential source for discovering new music and experiencing old favorites in a fresh way.

Taste Rewind

Current hits don’t arise in a vacuum. Music is influenced not only by whatever’s in the air but on a deep tradition extending back through the ages. Taste Rewind drew on a listener’s present favorites to reveal what they’d be listening to in another era.

Spotify listeners were asked to choose a few of their favorite artists. By analyzing patterns among those choices, Spotify was able to serve a short playlist from each of the past five decades.

Spotify's Taste Rewind

“Spotify has quietly rolled out its latest feature — a time machine.”


Found Them First

Any true music fan takes pride in discovering an artist before the rest of the world, then watching as the world catches on. But how to tell between the true musical explorers and people retroactively jumping on the bandwagon? Found Them First was a Spotify Single that let you prove you were into that band way back when.

By analyzing your listening behaviors, Spotify gave you the ultimate bragging rights. But even more rewarding, it let you in on a few new artists you’d be likely to enjoy. So the thrill of discovery could play on and on.

Spotify’s Found Them First

“Found Them First provides a sense of accomplishment unavailable from other discovery sources.”



By drawing on each person’s favorite artist, Spotify analyzed the music of each and revealed the degrees of separation between them. It was a way of deepening friendships and musical knowledge at the same time.

SapientRazorfish and Spotify Artist Discovery

“Spotify proved it can surprise and delight without any human help.”

The Verge


The Spotify Singles had over 2 million visitors, and hundreds of millions of social media impressions. Further, platform usage grew, with thousands of playlists being generated and saved. The media took notice too, as the Singles were covered by everyone from Mashable and Gizmodo to Billboard and Business Insider. And all of this with virtually no media spend.

SapientRazorfish and Spotify Results

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