Publicis COSMOS™

A fully managed Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Cloud platform powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Is Everywhere

In the Information Age, marketers around the globe are challenged with gathering, making sense of and acting upon a barrage of data. When it comes to using the data to create better customer experiences, many decision makers are at a loss for where to start.

We built COSMOS to show them the way.


COSMOS Turns Data into Brand Intelligence

COSMOS is a Cognitive Marketing Intelligence Platform that anticipates specific customer journeys — including customers' real-time interests, habits and emotions — and prescribes timely, relevant brand experiences across all marketing channels. In other words, it’s behind the scenes 24/7 doing a brand’s heavy lifting.

COSMOS utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms that learn from online and offline data gathered as consumers interact with a brand. We break down brand management into three parts: intelligence, personalization and automation.

  • Our Consumer 360 solution helps marketers achieve a single view of the customer by connecting and organizing customer information using deterministic and probabilistic matching (site, media, CRM, transactions, social sentiments, three party, etc.).
  • Our Audience Intelligence solution is built to better engage customers with tailored experiences that are relevant, predictive and prescriptive at the moment of interaction.
  • With our COSMOS Cognitive Cloud solution, brands can create more engaging and intelligent interaction experiences for customers through artificial intelligence. It’s about seeing, hearing, speaking with and understanding customers in the moment — thereby boosting online conversion rates.

Enter the COSMOS

The opportunities are vast with COSMOS. Contact us today to begin solving the challenges of fragmented audiences, disparate customer data sources and siloed experiences within your brand.

Download our white paper to learn more about the COSMOS platform.


“Our customer obsession is deeply woven within the fabric of our DNA — placing first-party data at the nucleus of our engagement ecosystem, offering our customers COSMOS Cognitive Marketing Platform, the next evolution in cognitive computing and machine-learning.”

Samih Fadli Global Chief Intelligence Officer


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