Instrumented Intelligence

There’s a human side to digital transformation

As our lives continue to merge with the digital world and as we usher clients through their own digital transformations, understanding digital consumerism has become imperative to our success. In today’s always-on world, what we need is an accurate reflection of how people respond to both their digital and physical environments — when and where they’re making their decisions. That’s what we’re dedicated to finding with Instrumented Intelligence.

Welcome to a brand new era in market research

Most people don’t get excited when they hear the term “market research"; we’re out to change that. What we’re discovering with Instrumented Intelligence defies representation in simple charts and spreadsheets — it’s a high-definition portrait of modern consumers.

How is this possible? Members of our proprietary research community not only give us a 90 percent response rate to custom surveys but also have been sending us data from their metered smartphones, tablets and PCs for an average period of two years. With access to continuous, geo-located clickstreams contextualized with rich self-report data, our data scientists can reveal everything about the modern consumer: their individual needs, motives and even their routines. Armed with this information, our clients can better evolve their consumer experiences in order to meet and exceed expectations. That’s Instrumented Intelligence in a nutshell.

Get in touch — and get to know your customers better

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