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In Their Own Words

Each year a new wave of talented young professionals join the ranks of SapientRazorfish, taking the first step toward long, successful careers. Many remain in the city where they first start out while others, like Sylvia Kerscher and Jonas Laufenberg, both Marketing Strategy & Analysis Associates who got their start in Munich, want more of an adventure. Sylvia is now headed to our Melbourne, Australia, office while Jonas is Toronto bound. I got them together one last time in Munich to learn about their experiences at SapientRazorfish so far and hear more about their plans to take the next step in a new country.

Why did you choose SapientRazorfish?

Sylvia: I hadn’t heard about SapientRazorfish before, but when I came to the office it totally impressed me. It was so awesome! I was convinced by the people who work here and the way I was interviewed that this was the place for me.

What has it been like working here?

Sylvia: From the first day, I was given a lot of real responsibility, like calling clients and negotiating with them during discussions and meetings. It’s also the people that make it special. The team fully trusts you. They challenge you, but they give you the opportunity to be yourself.

Jonas: You’re able to go far and get a lot out of your experience here because there are so many opportunities. Even as an intern I had the opportunity to go overseas to Australia and the U.S., which really made me feel like a valuable part of the team.

What is a “day in the life” like for a Junior Associate?

Sylvia: My first project was for one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe and I was working as a project manager on the Europe-wide rollout of an app release. I managed complete user acceptance periods on my own, so during each of these two weeks I had daily meetings with the client, including meetings abroad – I had a UAT in Hungary and a couple in other countries. Throughout this project it was just the client and me, which made me feel I had total ownership.

Can you share any standout moments from your time here?

Jonas: Mine are the smaller moments in my day-to-day, like talking to the people around me and having a good chat upstairs on the rooftop or at after-work parties. These are the moments that make it really valuable on a personal level to work here.

Sylvia: I was asked to join a team-building event in my first or second week, and it was so much fun experiencing my colleagues outside of work. We did an escape room, so you had to work together and try to figure out how to escape from one room to the other. That’s when I realized people do matter here; it's not just the job, it's also the people behind it.

How have you grown since your first day?

Jonas: What I’ve learned is if you really want to and you’re willing to learn, you can achieve a lot here. You also have to give a lot, but if you push forward you can get far. This is something I think Sylvia and I are experiencing firsthand by getting the chance to move to another SapientRazorfish office. I pushed for my dream and SapientRazorfish helped me make it happen.

Sylvia: I can only second that. You learn to drive your own growth here. Find the opportunities and make them work for you.

What is your favorite thing about the Munich office?

Jonas: The feeling of community. Everyone is involved in making the office an awesome place to work, whether it’s daily foosball games, cooking together during lunch or gathering for after-work drinks. The junior associate community is really active too. We call them the SapientRazorfish Rookies. What do you call them?

Sylvia: My favorite thing is the lounge and our rooftop with a view of the Alps.

You’re both moving to different continents what are you most looking forward to?

Sylvia: I’m excited to experience another work environment. Germans are very strict and very straightforward. All of those little attitudes have something special, but I also want to learn what it's like in another country, another culture.

Jonas: From my first day I’d hoped to be able to go to another country. SapientRazorfish is a very multicultural place already, but I wanted to experience that aspect somewhere else, and Canada is a country I am really interested in. I'm looking forward to pushing a bit further beyond my comfort zone.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Sylvia: I am proud of being part of the SapientRazorfish family. I call it a family because when you work here you're coming to a place I you really like, where you feel comfortable. Especially when you're a student who moved to another city — it is not always easy, but I’ve found so many friends here. I am looking forward to experiencing the same thing in Australia.

Jonas: I agree with Sylvia. At the end of the day, I’m not too worried about moving to another continent and working in another office, because ultimately I’m going to continue working in the same family.


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