Next Store Generation: Razorfish Presents Razorshop 2.0

Unveiled at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival 2016, Digital agency gets digital transformation of physical spaces ready for series production
February 15, 2016

Frankfurt/Berlin/Munich – Offline plus Online: Razorshop had already impressed the specialist audience at its first German appearance at dmexco 2015. And now, on 25 and 26 February 2016, the next generation of the digital store environ­ment is celebrating its premier: At the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival, Razorfish, the internationally leading digital agency in the field of business transformation, will present Razorshop 2.0, based on the new titanium infrastructure.

“It was truly amazing how well the demonstration of our digital store solution resonated. Building on this, we have developed a new technical platform with which we can flexibly illustrate individual scenarios for different branches. The possible uses of Razorshop 2.0 are unlimited. And now, we can also demonstrate this,” says Sascha Martini, CEO of Razorfish Germany.

Like the first set-up, the second version of Razorshop is a prototype developed with the goal of making technology something that can be experienced and is tangible in the physical space. In the framework of the store solution from Razorfish, sales environments such as shops, restaurants, car and furniture dealerships are supplemented by the benefits of the digital world and thus increase in value. The technologies are integrated so seamlessly that the space does not feel like an installation for the user, but feels completely self-evident. E.g. all of the screens in the shop environment have touchscreen functionality, so the user can directly interact with them.

At the same time, with the development of Razorshop 2.0, Razorfish is getting the digital transformation of physical spaces ready for series production. This is because with respect to both content maintenance of the IT interface and all other processes, this solution can be implemented directly in order to offer the customer an unforgettable shopping experience. In very large sales spaces such as hardware stores, Razorshop can ensure optimized navigation by directly guiding the customer to the product he or she has already selected online earlier. With a search function it can help customers find a special product in a shopping mall by entering for example “where can I find yellow socks?” and much more.

Presumably in the summer of 2016, the first project for an international optician chain will be rolled out in Germany based on the Razorshop environment. “With regard to the digitalization of physical stores, the starting shot has just been fired. With developments like Razorshop 2.0, we are making a huge contribution. We expect this solution to strongly assert itself in the next few years,” says Sascha Martini, CEO of Razorfish Germany.

Razorshop 2.0 will be presented on 25 and 26 February at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival. Razorfish and Adobe invite you to exclusive demo sessions at Adobe’s premium stand in Hall A3/P4. Registration is open now at

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