Adam Grohs

Head of Business Development - North America Miami

Words from Adam

“Our value comes from our ability to translate diverse thinking into cohesive stories that unlock the full potential in our clients’ businesses or industries. We actually reimagine and reinvent the future for our clients and their customers that stretch well beyond what many see as possible.”

In my role, I lead our efforts across North America around our Business Development and Alliance Sales. My team is focused on bringing best practices, great work, and the best expertise together from across our regions to drive new client growth and deepen our relationships with existing clients.

I also have had the honor of co-founding and running our Chief Marketing Technology Officer University (CMTOu). I’m incredibly passionate about catalyzing thinking and creating future leaders who aren’t constrained by today’s world and current ways of working. We focus on not just teaching our top technologists to understand marketing, business, and next-generation technologies but also to appreciate how important storytelling, influence and design aesthetics are as leadership skills to create cultural and behavioral shifts to drive transformation in our world.

My real passion lies in collaborating with clients to understand their business needs and where we could help them maximize growth, drive new market share, or improve cost-effectiveness. I’m constantly working with our connected teams to elevate the bar in translating insights into tangible results. Diverse perspectives bring the greatest success, and the pursuit of different ideas and ways of thinking is a key facet of SapientRazorfish that I am especially passionate about. Getting to know the uniquely talented experts and their distinct ways of operating and thinking is easily my favorite part about working here.

What I love most about SapientRazorfish is our ability to provide value that crosses boundaries in the marketing, business, technology, and creative spheres. We have a unique opportunity and proposition that helps businesses not only grow but grow more consistently and more quickly than anyone else in the world. Our agile, start-up mindset, backed by the massive scale and breadth of capabilities, enables us to solve real-world business challenges that few other companies would take on, let alone solve.

Outside the office, I’m a huge food, wine, and travel buff and, when I’m not traveling for business, I’m often exploring some interesting new part of the world that’s caught my interest. Beyond eating and drinking great food and wine, I’m a big fan of the craft behind both cooking and wine making.


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