Alan Wexler

CEO, Publicis.Sapient Santa Monica

A passion for transformation.

Today, I jointly serve as CEO of Publicis.Sapient as well as the CEO of the newly configured SapientRazorfish, representing the fusion of two industry pioneers — market shapers and fast movers that have long been recognized as leaders in digital and technology.

Throughout my career, I’ve guided Sapient through a range of important strategic phases: From the early dot com days and the birth of digital marketing; through to mobile, where I launched and led the organization’s first Mobile Practice in 2000; and onward into the evolution of omni-channel and the move to digital transformation. I believe developing and nourishing a strong culture is fundamental to building a robust business and, more importantly, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of our people, our clients and the customers they serve.

As CEO of SapientRazorfish, I lead our offices globally helping to usher through the best work across a wide range of industry verticals. At the same time, I cultivate key agency relationships with a roster of blue-chip brands, advising senior clients on the impact of digital on their business and how to succeed in future challenges. At the helm of SapientRazorfish’s evolution toward a unique agency/consultancy hybrid position (a position planned to better serve clients in digital transformation), I’ve had the honor of leading SapientNitro North America to a 10 percent CAGR over the last six years.

Prior to joining Sapient, I founded and operated a management and technology-consulting firm focused on developing marketing and communications solutions. I am a passionate supporter of Publicis90, Publicis Groupe’s investment in 90 promising startups, and Viva Technology Paris, a global event dedicated to the collaboration between large companies and startups. I earned a BS in Decision Sciences and Computers and an MBA from Rider University, where I am honored to be a member of their Board of Trustees.


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