Chris Davey

Chief Strategist, Publicis.Sapient Boston

As Chief Strategist for Publicis.Sapient, I am responsible for articulating and achieving the overarching strategic objectives of all brands within the Publicis.Sapient network: SapientRazorfish, Sapient Consulting and DigitasLBi. Beyond my role within P.S, I also lead Alliance Management and Analyst Relations for SapientRazorfish. A significant part of my role is fostering synergies across our Alliance and Analyst Relations efforts across P.S and the larger Publicis Groupe, while maximizing each brand’s unique selling efforts with our partners.

In this age of connectivity and rapid change, it’s essential that we’re perpetually evolving in the way we think about solutions, never losing our edge as a leader. That’s what drives me and it’s why I work at SapientRazorfish. When I see people growing and people doing things that are incredibly fulfilling for them personally and professionally, making a difference and taking a lot of pride in what they’re building: that’s what’s important. I love interacting with clients where they’re overjoyed with the impact and change that we’re having on their business.  

I’m very much the curious type and driven by trying to understand how things work and how to make them better and, in the process, touching people’s lives and having a positive effect on them.  So for me, the consulting business… the marketing business… the agency world…the integration of what we’re doing today at SapientRazorfish, connecting brands and consumers in a really powerful way to drive change in the way people interact and the joy people have with their overall experience in life… that’s what I look forward to at my job.

I first joined Sapient in 1993, when the organization was still in its infancy. In my 24 years with the organization, I’ve held numerous roles and have led countless teams. The company has undergone an incredible amount of evolution in that time, but one theme has been the same: people first. At SapientRazorfish, we firmly believe that when you focus on the people, the results will follow — this is true both of our own people internally and of the customer-centric experiences we design for our clients.


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5 Continents.
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