Sheldon Monteiro

Global Chief Technology Officer Chicago

I believe the T in CTO applies as much to Talent as it does to Technology.

In the past decade, technology has shifted from enabling efficiency to also becoming the primary medium of customer dialog. At the same time, exponential technology advances mean that yesterday’s science fiction becomes tomorrow’s reality. Technology is today’s most important medium of creativity — the new paper and pencil — changing how we feel and experience the world. That’s why I’m passionate about quality. The best technology is invisible: it shouldn’t be noticed if it’s working reliably, seamlessly, and at scale.

As Co-Chief Technology Officer at SapientRazorfish, I’m constantly working to make this the case for both our clients and the teams that serve them. I lead our global technology capabilities, engineering, methodology, devops and tools. I’m laser focused on building the innovation culture, processes, and systems needed to consistently deliver groundbreaking work for our clients.

I believe the T in CTO applies just as much to Talent as it does to Technology.

I’m a founder, faculty member, and lifelong learner at SapientRazorfish’s Chief Marketing Technology Officer University. This is our year-long MBA-styled professional development program which enables our most talented technologists to become influential leaders at the intersection of business transformation, marketing, customer experience and technology.

My history with Sapient dates back to 1995. Since then, I’ve been privileged to lead the architecture and engineering of some of our most innovative and successful digital experience and commerce platforms.. Among these are several award-winning solutions for Fortune 500 companies and two of the top five global e-commerce platforms. When I’m not testing new platforms, gadgets, and my colleagues, you’re most likely to find me grilling on my kamado or woodworking.


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