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Driving mutual value through every interaction — across offerings and touch points — by transforming your brand around what matters to people.

What we do

Since the term ‘experience economy’ entered the business lexicon decades ago, the world has changed dramatically. In some ways, the argument is won. Both customers and leaders agree that experience matters. In today’s world, opportunities to enhance the customer experience emerge daily as the digital ecosystem offers people instant access to information and an expanding range of products and services.

But, the plethora of new choices can leave organizations paralyzed. To thrive in a new world, companies are realizing they have to simplify the experience and the underlying organization necessary to deliver it. Competing in a new world economy requires meaning, value, and purpose with every touchpoint. Through the customer’s craving for simplicity, SapientRazorfish helps you cut through complexity to deliver frictionless experiences. 

How we do it

Our delivery techniques reduce the distance between strategy and execution through iteration, tightly-coupled interdisciplinary collaboration, and design thinking. While the techniques to research, gather and aggregate customer data have never been more robust, the challenge to keep data meaningful, accurate and actionable will always be with us. Conquering the challenge requires a firm grasp of how to enable end-to-end customer experiences that are both engaging and differentiating. 

Using a phased model, we integrate emerging trends with your customers’ needs, aspirations and journeys. This work informs touchpoints, offerings, and the underlying organizational capabilities you need to compete through a winning experience. 

  • Customer Strategy – defines the range of prospective and current customers based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, their respective value and initiatives to grow engagement
  • Experience Strategy – defines the path to a future state of offerings and touchpoints,  delivered through an integrated, customer-led approach connecting patterns in customer needs, aspirations and journeys to how and what a brand delivers
  • Engagement Economics – quantifies in customer and business terms the value of transformed customer journeys, explicitly defining moments that matter to both customers and the business
  • Digital Product Innovation – defines a viable path to bring a product or service opportunity to market through an entrepreneurial approach using rapid prototyping and customer testing, proposition development, and the creation of irresistible products

Execution extends strategic insights to deliver beautiful, functional, and delightful customer interactions across:

  • Digital Products and Systems Design – designing specific touchpoints — mobile apps, websites and more — as well as the content, commerce, data and CRM systems that power them
  • Service Design – designing a connected service journey, delivered across touchpoints end to end, from front stage (what customers see) to back stage (the organization, business process, and supporting tools)
  • Cognitive Experiences – designing data-driven customer experiences based on artificial intelligence, emergent technology, and instrumented intelligence
  • Connected Environments – designing spaces — retail, branch or exhibition — blending digital considerations seamlessly with physical ones by leveraging teams and lab spaces, like Second Story and Emerging Experiences, built to address the critical range of perspectives required from digital to architecture 

We are committed to helping our clients acquire lifelong customers through irresistible experiences, over single touchpoint enhancements. We believe measurable solutions help our clients sustain a business advantage by enabling them to keep a pulse on new opportunities. 

  • Experience Management Office (XMO) and Transformation – supporting clients as they transform with specific roles and accelerators that enable experience-led transformation, integrated across all functions of an organization

“70% of (leaders) say that their firm's goal is to be a customer experience leader in their industry, or across all industries. Despite that, only 1% of companies succeed in delivering an excellent experience.”

Forrester Customer Experience Playbook

Why SapientRazorfish

We have been at the forefront of the experience economy for more than 20 years, helping clients across sectors decipher behavioral patterns through rigorous research and testing. Our clients appreciate our commitment to combining the best in traditional ethnographic methods, backed by a sophisticated data science team to capitalize on new forms and sources of available data.  All of our global teams are fully equipped with leading front- and back-end technology, to help our clients acquire the tools they need to successfully compete for customers.

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