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We are on the brink of an age where AI-enabled smart machines, fueled by advances in hardware and deep neural networks will think, act and even make decisions much the way a human would — enabled by unprecedented volumes of data. While today’s oceans of information can often feel overwhelming, it can also be harnessed for business advantage. We help our clients exploit the economics of data through actionable insights that enable deep customer understanding to help you run a profitable, more cost effective business.

As emerging, cognitive technologies and machine learning transform the world, we help you manage the hype, equipping your enterprise with AI solutions in ways that deliver tangible, breakthrough business results. Clients rely on our robust set of capabilities to leverage these transformative techniques to target, acquire and retain your highest value customers with buyer recommendations that feel clairvoyant.

How we do it


SapientRazorfish is embracing the next age of AI and cognitive technologies with both aggression and caution. On the one hand, we work with our clients to push the envelope when identifying their strategic business options for leading in the connected age of AI and cognitive computing. But at the same time, our methods, tools and techniques are designed to manage risk in ways to assure our clients move forward at a pace they can absorb to be wildly successful.

We offer three core capabilities that can help you drive transformation within your business:

  • Virtual Assistants: Our proprietary solution and best-in-class design capabilities can help you launch an assistant in a period of multiple weeks.
  • Intelligent Search: Our intelligent search solution solves the problem of data and documentation overload, making your employees dramatically more productive.
  • Cognitive Strategy: We enable you to transform your technology infrastructure through the targeted deployment of use cases that create real business value at each step of the way.

Among our partners in AI and cognitive are Microsoft, Google, IBM Watson, Luminoso, Nuance, Facebook, Salesforce and Cycorp.


SapientRazorfish can help you leverage the data that you already have as well as combine it with third-party data to create real results. With over 1,500 data analysts on staff and access to over two petabytes of data monthly, we can deliver truly transformative results through:

  • Customer Insights: This platform lets us identify what actually drives behavior and enable you to act accordingly.
  • Media Spend Optimization: Imagine if you could understand everything that your customers have done on all of the various Google properties and see orders of magnitude increases in the efficiency of your media spend within weeks.


Our belief in the power of knowledge pushes our data science team to stretch the boundaries of what machine learning can achieve to deliver breakthrough customer experiences. We combine our comprehensive solutions, developed in partnership with Microsoft, with our robust bespoke methodology for optimizing commerce solutions. Among our other partners in data sciences are Google and IBM Watson.

The COSMOS Cognitive Experience APIs Marketplace: A fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) that enables you to build digital experiences that are more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. COSMOS also enables brands to integrate artificial intelligence services capable to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret customer needs using natural methods of communication.

  • Predict what will happen with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms
  • Improve your decision-making processes and prescribe recommendations on which actions to take
  • Simplify and automate decision making when dealing with complex problems that involve multiple variables

IDIOM: We have developed a solution that aggregates individual behavioral data across a wide range of sources. This allows us to generate real insight as to what actually drives behavior based on hard data and not just hypothesis.

NUI: This is our conversational/assistant platform, inclusive of both technology and experience. We can deploy it based on Google, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook technology stacks.

Business Results Optimization: Machine learning can move the needle very quickly for firms as it relates to commerce recommendations, churn reduction and other key metrics, but making this systemic isn’t always easy. We partner with the leading machine learning firms and have developed an outcome-based approach with three key steps:

  • Audit: Review of data streams and the surrounding infrastructure, people, processes and customer experiences
  • Action: The process of transformation. Data is mined. Systems are re-engineered. Processes are changed.
  • Activate: Exploits data to maximize ROI through automated decision making and personalization


Harnessing new oceans of data (which doubles every year) is critical for business advantage. Clients depend on our comprehensive solutions to equip their teams the skills to understand where important data resides and how it impacts different systems.

  • Enterprise Data Maturity Model: Over the span of a month, we conduct a deep dive into your organization and benchmark it against best practices and other firms. We deliver a concrete set of recommendations about areas for improvement and potential approaches to deliver these in a measured fashion.
  • Synapse: Thirty-five percent or more of the total effort in any IT change program is typically related to data requirements. We created the Synapse platform to reduce the effort associated with this task. Synapse allows for the ability to pivot the understanding of how data is used and affects the organization in a visual fashion that can be understood by everybody — not just data analysts. Synapse allows you to answer questions such as the following:
    • Has something changed in the environment that will affect my responsibilities?
    • How can I provide transparent evidence of how data flowed into a report reliably?
    • Who is currently working on something that I am responsible for?

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”


Why SapientRazorfish

We understand that it’s not easy to become a data-driven firm. SapientRazorfish has developed a robust methodology to help you assess the strength of your current organization and plan a path to ongoing improvements to yield breakthrough business results. Our unique partnerships with Microsoft, IBM Watson, Google and others equip us to deliver tangible business results by harnessing the best available technology. Transforming your business to embrace the economics of data means reimagining everything by leveraging analytics, artificial intelligence and other cognitive technologies.

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