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“Intuitive insight, category context, customer partnership, and agile, team-based methods are essential to compete in a rapidly accelerating business environment. Immediate success powers the momentum clients require to gather executive buy-in for enterprise change to future-proof their business for the long-term.”

Renee Borkowski SapientRazorfish

What we do

Companies that sense category and customer opportunity and rapidly create solutions that address current and future needs have the means to win in a rapidly changing business environment. SapientRazorfish leads clients in the seismic and perpetual shift from a “what can we sell” mentality to one of “what will she need from us and how does it integrate with everything else in her life?”

Yet in the rapidly changing data and technology landscape, companies also must equip the enterprise with the methods, tools, and structure that connect directly with the customer and the technologies that continually change how s/he solves problems and connects to the world.

How we do it

In the myriad of strategic options that lie at the intersection of the business, the customer, and changing technology, SapientRazorfish guides clients in framing and prioritizing opportunities by mutual value to the customer and the business. We think through the most likely leading (innovating) and losing (disrupted) scenarios for our clients, and assess the product, service, experience, digital capability, and organizational opportunities for driving growth and enhancing profits. We then develop layered strategy recommendations that set in motion “start now” immediate wins, frame innovation opportunities for agile product and service design, outline key technology initiatives to drive capability growth, strike partnerships essential to customer insight and capability acceleration, and align the organization around the customer and business performance.

These methods balance the priority of near-term wins, while building leading capabilities that continue to evolve for the long-term. In parallel, we guide clients in managing the organizational change to learn, innovate, and manage well. This requires immersion in the roles, relationships, processes, communications, training, performance, and cultural shifts needed to empower the agile enterprise. In our recommendations, back-office functions are often brought forward and aligned around the needs of the customer, which inherently breaks down the organizational silos and enables the enterprise to operate with the agility and speed needed to effectively compete.

Clients engage with us across a number of offerings developed to power their digital transformation, fueled by our Radically Customer Centric approach. Activities progress from understanding to solving to impact:

Radically Understand

  • Market landscape opportunities and threats
  • Customer insights and possibilities
  • Experience ecosystem, infrastructure capabilities, and organizational factors

Radically Solve

  • Oportunities for transformation, intervention, and optimization throughout the Customer Journey
  • Focused implications and actions across experience, product, service, and organization
  • Business case for change
  • Value-driven strategic roadmap with pathing for near-term win

Radically Impact

  • Managed KPIs for growth and efficiency
  • Operational process for performance planning and continuous optimization across business and customer dimensions
  • Activation of the enterprise: organization, process, communications, and training

Gone are the “final” strategy deliverables of yesteryear subsequently bid out to execution partners. While there are deliverables across these efforts, the strategy is never “done.” Rather, our recommendations set in motion continuously managed activities to create mutual business and customer value immediately and over time. Speeding “time to value” is a hallmark of SapientRazorfish, as our strategy recommendations are co-developed with our clients by SR_ business, research, experience, data, and technology leaders working together to solve problems and accelerate solutions.

Why SapientRazorfish

As people, things, and the global economy become increasingly connected, business leaders realize their buyers will continue to demand products and solutions that work together. Clients trust us to help them identify the business models, organizational design, processes, and culture they need to compete in this new world economy. This trust is built on decades of harnessing digital disruption for business advantage.

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