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What we do

“Software is eating the world,” Marc Andressen. At the heart of IT Modernization is enabling the process and technologies that make fast, quality, and agile software development possible. Our teams have been helping large enterprises make the shift from traditional waterfall development to more agile radically customer-centric software.

But building software faster isn’t enough. Reacting to customers in real time may be good enough today. But in the future, IT leaders will need deep insights and advanced algorithms to help solve problems before their customers are even aware of them. And while a platform implementation may be a good first step, to compete in the 21st century, you’ll need a level of intelligence that predicts customer needs with laser-beam precision.

SapientRazorfish’s long heritage in building web and cloud native technologies enables you to respond to your internal marketing and business customer needs faster than competitors. We do this by harnessing data science and artificial intelligence to help you anticipate buyers’ needs in a seamless and intelligent way. Our experience helps you remove roadblocks to become formidable competitors through deep industry knowledge, agile and iterative approaches, proprietary intellectual property and bimodal development processes and capabilities. 

How we do it

SapientRazorfish has a proven legacy of  building intelligent platforms and architectures based on our clients’ existing technology stack with top-tier partners such as SAP, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We couple our unique intellectual property technologies, such as our conversational and cognitive experiences platform, NUI, and data platform, COSMOS™, with partner solutions to help our clients manage their goals and KPIs.  

Our maturity model informs your IT transformation strategy, including technology assessments, 360 customer views and marketing and commerce platform technology selections and governance. Our agile and iterative execution plans are used to implement your enterprise data platform and custom product and services builds, based on a native cloud approach and microservices-enabled architectures. All of this is supported by our cloud and DevOps practice, providing the full spectrum of services from continuous integration and delivery through 24/7 SLA management.

Experience-Driven Modernization

“‘Solve my problem fast’ is giving way to ‘Solve my problem before it exists.’ Businesses that innovate with software and data are able to generate real-time insights and personalized engagement, increasing satisfaction and revenue.”

Ray Velez Chief Technology Officer, SapientRazorfish

Why SapientRazorfish

Today’s chief information officers and technologists are expected to manage uncertainty, improve agility and drive business change. Our unified approach to technology modernization with radical customer-centricity is simpler and faster to implement than the traditional silo approach. This saves our clients enormous time and money by helping them improve time-to-market while attaining new levels of business advantage.

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