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“Every enterprise has just one boss: the customer, who can fire everyone in the company — simply by spending their money elsewhere.”

Sam Walton founder of Walmart and Sam’s Club

What we do

In a digitally connected economy, marketers have more methods, tools, and techniques than ever to compete. Driven by the rise of mobile, social, and cloud, connectivity is enabling a blended experience where marketing strategies no longer emanate from distinct digital-physical camps. As new world marketers shift — from creating communication assets and ads, to delivering stories and experiences — consumers become the hero as they engage in any medium they choose. 

New world marketing environments also give rise to innovations and service evolution — driven by customers that expect brands to inspire them in ways beyond their imaginations. It's a “swipe left” era, where customers expect marketers to be clairvoyant. Updating the modern marketing organization and transforming the client's marketing system for this new world is more than marketing in real time; it’s the right marketing at the right time. And it leverages tools that include everything from content distribution, marketing science, dynamic creativity and participatory experiences to systemize performance optimization. At SapientRazorfish, we equip marketers with all of this, and more, to deliver a data-driven experience, optimized in the moment to convert one-way monologue to two-way dialogue and mutual customer value. 

How we do it

SapientRazorfish helps its clients identify, design, implement, and optimize meaningful programs and engagement platforms throughout the perpetual customer journey. With our customer engagement strategy, we help you engage with your target customers at just the right moments.

  • Market assessment
  • Content and engagement assessment
  • Engagement road map
  • Engagement measurement
  • Customer segmentation

Through marketing and consumer strategy, clients determine how best to engage with their prospects and customers with a differentiated value proposition.

  • Consumer research, insights, and strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Experiential marketing
  • Channel management
  • Experience optimization
  • Marketing campaign strategy, planning, and execution

Through our marketing sciences, clients are equipped with personalized and optimized marketing strategies and solutions that establish strong relationships throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle. The result maximizes customer lifetime value and ROI.

  • Personalized (1:1) marketing strategy
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Marketing performance optimization
  • Measurement programs and data application

Leveraging our deep and broad consumer understanding, clients are provided the most innovative idea concepting and development.

  • Idea definition and execution through creativity, data sciences, and software development
  • Concept development and application
  • Content creation and experience design

In the new world of marketing, we build enterprise content solutions to maximize efficiency and value across all channels through content marketing and creation.

  • Content marketing strategy and execution plans
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media programs and activation
  • Content creation 

Finding and reaching the right desired customer at the right time through multi-device systems is the goal of today’s precision media and content distribution.

  • Media strategy
  • Content distribution
  • Performance creative development
  • Media planning and buying, including programmatic, search, and digital display 

“Active participators with a brand channel buy 4-10x more than typical customers.”  


Why SapientRazorfish

We achieved our reputation — less hero, more mentor — by combining radical customer-centricity with deep knowledge of emerging trends to deliver performance breakthroughs, not just marginal improvements. We combine our researching and testing of digital behaviors with a sophisticated data science team to capitalize on the new forms and sources of available data. Our unique approach for blending strategy, insight, and technology continues to fuel our status as one of the most recognized, most highly awarded agencies in the world. 

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