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Digital Business Transformation

New digitally-centric business models are ushering in unprecedented opportunities for fresh sources of value for both companies and the customers they serve. New ideas and technology are rewarding those organizations willing to rethink how they work, how they’re structured, and how they actually help in the day to day, with becoming the beloved brands in people’s lives.

We believe you can use this kind of disruption to your advantage — whether you want to defend your company against the competition or changes you’re experiencing in the marketplace. Or you’re pushing to differentiate your product or service with consumers through innovations and ways of working. Or if you’re boldly looking to challenge and disrupt the market.

SapientRazorfish partners with our clients on their transformation journey to help them rethink their way forward, leverage technology to address bottom line challenges and top line growth simultaneously, and focus on a new world way of doing business. We believe that three guiding tenets are seminal in creating transformational shifts:

Radical Customer-Centricity

An outside-in, customer-centric view is critical to the modern digital enterprise’s fight for relevance and for creating the appropriate operating model to seamlessly deliver it. By approaching product and service development from the perspective of their customer’s experience, we can help our clients understand how true business value is created today when value is mutually shared.

Through Engagement Economics, we’re helping clients identify, prioritize, and act upon the moments of highest mutual value along their customer’s journey.

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Connected Digital Enterprise

In a world where the digitally-native are consistently challenging the status quo, the threat from agile competitors will only accelerate. This creates an imperative that all things — data, customers, digital platforms, solutions, processes, partners, and organizational silos — are interconnected inside and out.

It’s why the term “Disrupt Yourself” has become the battle cry in boardrooms all over the globe as connected enterprises exploit new sources of growth and efficient ways to provide them.

_Reimagine and rapidly realize

Strategies are rendered moot absent of the practical ability to implement at the speed of the consumer. Agile, sprint-based cycles of think > make > learn ­— to then inform fresh thinking ­— are foundational in the new world economy. Waterfall approaches are replaced by iterative testing, command-and-control decision-making gives way to the empowerment of many, and the incremental rollout (versus big-bang roll out) of evolutionary progress becomes part of the organization’s culture.

Build the business of tomorrow while running the business of today

“Clients look to SapientRazorfish to advise on a strategic approach for organizing how to take new products and experiences to market and transform underlying business processes to compete in an economy that is becoming increasingly connected every day — all while managing change in the organization.”

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